Car Insurance Quotes for the Whole Garage

Car Insurance Quotes for the Whole Garage

If you own multiple vehicles, you may want to obtain quotes for everything in your garage. While you will need to get individual quotes based on the make and model of the vehicle, you may be able to purchase from the same insurance company. However, certain vehicles require special coverage.


While you can buy regular insurance for an antique car, that is not usually the recommended option. This is because it will be quite expensive to insure a car for the full value with traditional collision and comprehensive coverage. However, if you seldom drive the car and only use it in shows, you may qualify for antique car insurance. This can be quite affordable since the likelihood of an accident is much lower with antique cars than with other vehicles.

Sports Cars

Sports cars are also expensive to insure because they are more expensive to fix if they should be in an accident. They are also more likely to get stolen, resulting in higher comprehensive insurance coverage. You will want to shop around for the best car insurance quotes if you have a sports car.

Luxury Cars

These cars are similar to sports cars in the fact that they are often more expensive to insure due to the cost of repair. If the car is totalled, the cost of replacement is also quite high. Many of these cars cost two to three times as much as a regular vehicle. You will want to obtain multiple quotes and may even want to raise the deductible to get the best price for luxury car insurance.

Other Vehicles

Any vehicle that is costly to repair or replace will have higher premiums. For instance, you may pay more for a policy on an SUV or mini-van than you would with a car. Because trucks are used for hauling and often work in harsher conditions, they may also be more expensive to insure.

Even cars differ in how much it costs to cover them in an accident. This happens for several reasons. First, parts on certain cars are more costly and result in higher premiums. Injury is also greater in cars that are smaller or lightweight and often mean more medical bills. You also have to account for how they have rated in accidents for the price of insuring them.

Car insurance quotes will be different based on the type of car you are insuring. You should shop around to find the best price. If you have not already purchased a vehicle, you can obtain car insurance quotes on cars you are considering to help you decide the best one to buy. While you may not change your mind about what you are buying, at least you will be aware of the cost of insurance coverage.